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Annechira Shiva

Independent photographer & film maker

Currently is working on Wildlife Conservation and Social Awareness documenting through his photography and videos. His photographic exhibition “SCAPES OF INDIA” was another mile stone in 2019. Traveling across North (Kashmir) to South (Kannyakumari) and East(Goa/Maharastra) to West(West Bengal), he captured the beauty essence of INDIA.

He also has successfully established 6APPEALZ (Studio Space And Visual Professionals) for Commercial, Advertisement and Editorial catering to Fashion, Food, Architectural, Corporates Head Shots, Music, Dance & Wedding Events. Most of the works coming out from 6APPEALZ have been published in various publications, news journals, magazines, bill boards and hoardings.

He say there is more to learn, while he equally shares his knowledge as a teacher to younger photographers.

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